Monday, October 26, 2015

My House

I started this blog in 2006 when we were renovating our 1959 ranch kitchen and when house design blogging wasn't so much a thing, and here it is 2015! After 9 years of no updates, much has changed in our 1959 rancher: a renovated bathroom, a new master bedroom addition, lots of updates, too much painting, patios and even two cute kids to fill it! We learned a lot since then, and that kitchen from 2006, now needs a major update. I do hope to make some little changes to it (on a budget of course) as well as some changes to other rooms in the house. I hope to use this place in the huge world of home blogging, to share my little hobby of interior design on a very, very tight one income household budget!  I used to love browns and beiges, but no more! So join me as I slowly try to brighten this place up! Note: not a write and photos all from iphone so nothing fancy here!

Before & After Exterior (new garage door, shutters, roof, window boxes and lots of petunias)

Front Porch and Door:

Remodeled in 2006, and now needs updated. Thinking about painting cabinets (I missed the white trend, new hardware and new pendant lighting.) Read more here.

Before and After: Window be gone.
Eat-in Dining
Before & After:
Living Room

Master Bedroom:
Check out the exterior process here!
Check out the interior process here!

Hall Bath
Before & After

Niko's Boy Room
Before and After. Click here for a closer look!

Mila's Girl Nursery

Coming soon

Backyard with Addition
More info on the exterior addition click here.

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