Saturday, January 28, 2006

Day 7, Jan. 28, 2006

It has been one whole week since we started this project and so far so good. No major problems and everything seems to be going well.

Today was productive! Marko and I pulled out the remainder of lower cabinets and cleaned the old insulation that fell down the wall. Then we sat on our behinds most of the day and scraped the floor. It took us a good 4 hours to get everything up. The kitchen guy came over around 1 p.m. and spent most of his time in the crawl space hooking up a new water supply for the refrigerator. Our dishwasher had been hooked up wrong by the previous owners, so he fixed that while he was down there. He also did some drywall work where the lower cabinets had been.

Tomorrow we will rest with the kitchen and try to catch up on other stuff around the house that we've put off, like lots of laundry and cleaning :(

Marko standing in our empty kitchen.

I'm wearing a mask because the old insulation was floating in the air.

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